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Patios in Mackay

Your home is your comfort. It’s the place where you spend most of the time with your family. That’s why eventually it becomes a part of you. If you feel that your home is lacking some outdoor features, upgrading your outdoor space by building a patio is a step in improving your home and lifestyle. A patio is a paved area in your exterior home.

Patios make your outdoor space more functional. You can unwind and relax in it without having to worry about the weather. Here at Mackay Carports, we are committed to building patios that are made from top-notch materials to ensure their longevity.

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Bespoke Carport Designs

Our in-house designers can create innovative and unique carport designs and garages that are based on your individualized structural specifications. These structures will meld the perfect balance between form and function, allowing you to have a beautiful exterior!

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Trained & Licensed Builders

Our builders are the best of the best. They uphold high standards in professionalism and quality, which allows them to provide cost-effective solutions without compromising on workmanship. The result is that you get a better product for less money!

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100% Customer Satisfaction

We work hard to make sure our clients have a smooth experience with us. Excellent customer service is always priority number one around here, and we're committed to making it easy for you by speaking plainly about what's going on every step of the way.

Key Reasons to Build a Home Patio

Building a patio is not just for entertainment. It comes with other benefits that will surely change the way you’ll look at your home and lifestyle!

Here are the reasons why you should build an outdoor patio:

Increased Home Value

Outdoor patios are good investments in the long run. Whether you’re building a small or big patio, you’ll still add more value to your property. In case you decide to move out and sell your home in the future, the investment you’ve put into building a patio will be returned to you.


Patios are generally less expensive than other outdoor enhancements such as decks. The price of your patio will depend on the material, size, and features that you will be needing. Most patios are made from stones or bricks, which are cheaper than natural wood used in building decks. Aside from that, stones or bricks are extremely durable.

A Great Spot for Entertainment 

Are your friends coming over for the night? No problem, you can gather at your outdoor patio! A patio is a cool place for casual dining, relaxing or hanging out with friends. You’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors without being exposed to harsh elements and mosquitoes or bugs.

Low Maintenance

What’s more, patios are low maintenance. Since most patios are made from stone, they are extremely durable and won’t be bothered by harsh weather conditions. Sealers are not needed to keep the original look of patios. Washing off debris and dirt is already enough to keep it clean.

Endless Options to Complement Your Home

You get unlimited options when building a patio. You can customise your size, shape, and colour to match the existing design of your home.

Start Building Your Patio With Us!

Are you ready to start building your dream outdoor patio? Here at Mackay Carports, we are readily available to help you in designing and building your very own patio. We are the leading company in Mackay that offers high-quality and affordable patios to pave your way!

Our team underwent intensive training that helped them acquire the skills and knowledge needed in building and installing patios to make your outdoor space elegant and functional. With over years of experience in the industry, we take pride in being able to deliver patios that stand the test of time. In return, we get happy and satisfied customers!