What Should You Choose Between an Attached and Detached Garage?

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There can be different reasons for adding a garage to your property. It is a safe and secure space for storing valuable belongings such as cars, bikes, tools, lawn care equipment and more. If you are making refurbishments to your home or planning to have a garage in your new house, it is vital to know the type of garage that will suit your space. An attached and detached garage differs not just in structure but also in its advantages. Your location, budget, safety concerns and purpose in building a garage can be some of the aspects you can consider when choosing between the two. At Mackay Carports, our team has the knowledge and experience to help you make the best decision for you.

Do you prefer your garage to be attached to your home? Or do you want it to be situated elsewhere on your property? If you are still puzzled whether to opt for an attached or detached garage for your property in Mackay, check out the features and advantages of each one for you to determine the one that will best suit your specifications.

Attached Garage

The attached garages are the type of garage that is directly connected to your house. It means that it is sharing one or more walls with the structure of your home. An attached garage can be situated on the side, front or back of a house. Although it is fairly new in residential construction, attached garages are popular in suburban homes in Mackay.


You can easily access this type of garage since it is directly connected to your house. When it is raining or snowing, you don’t have to go outside just to go to your car. Besides that, you can conveniently get the tools or items you store in your garage without leaving your house.

It doesn’t require as much usable space compared to a detached garage. Since an attached garage is physically connected to your home, you can save space when building it. This type of garage is also styled to suit the design of your home, so you no longer need to craft a custom design for it.

It is easier to build and cheaper than a separate garage. An attached garage shares one or two of its sides from a pre-existing structure which is your home. That is why this type of garage is more affordable and less labour-intensive.

Detached Garages

A detached garage is a free-standing structure that is entirely separate from your house. Depending on your preference or lot size, you can choose to construct it a few feet or yards away from your home. Even though it is not attached to your main house, you can opt to build a pathway that connects the garage to the entrance of your home for easy access.


If you plan to store chemical-based items such as weed and insect killers, propane tanks, heavy cleaners or paint in your garage, it might be best to build a detached garage. Since these products can pose potential hazards when they are not stored properly, keeping them away from the main house can be your best option.

You can use your separate garage as your workspace. When you are working on a simple construction or carpentry project, you may want to have the entire space for yourself to concentrate and finish the task fast. A detached garage can offer you the privacy you require.

A detached garage can also be used as a recreational area for your kids or a hang-out space for guests. Since it is not attached to your house, you will not have to worry about being too loud or disturbing people in the other rooms.