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At Carports Mackay, we understand that comfortable outdoor living areas are must-haves for a truly Aussie home – whether you love hosting parties or you want to maximize your usable space for a relaxing outdoor area. Suppose you are interested in having a durable, functional, and tailor-made carport, garage, patio, deck, or pergola for your property in Mackay. In that case, we are the dependable and experienced team for you.

At Mackay Carports, we have worked meticulously for a wide range of years to cultivate an outstanding and trusted reputation in furnishing custom-built outdoor buildings and excellent customer service, all for a fair market price throughout the city.

Whether you ought to find a way to have some sturdy shade structure in your backyard or prefer a manageable and versatile alternative where you can park your vehicle, we have a various range of solutions ready for you.

Carports Mackay can deliver cost-effective kit and installations like an efficient and flexible carport. Our hard-wearing, functional, and thoroughly crafted carports and garages can be made through a range of customized dimensions and configurations. With our bespoke designs, we can ensure that we will meet our clients’ varying specifications and expectations. The contentment and happiness of our customers are what keeps our resolve and commitment to continue in providing unrivalled outputs and services.

Do you want to find out how we can help you transform your residential and commercial areas without straining your budget? Keep in touch with our kind and approachable customer service staff today so you can request a custom quote and schedule a consultation with us.

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we build robust, cost-effective carports and garages

Carports Mackay Services

what we do best.

We offer a wide range of commercial designs that are cheaper alternatives to fully enclosed garages, while still fulfilling their original purpose. From single-carports to multi-vehicle ones with open or closed roofs and side panels; we’ve got you covered!

Pergolas and sheds are a great way to create an inviting space for your backyard. With plenty of shade and beautiful views, pergolas provide the perfect kit and spot for entertaining friends or family on those hot summer days!

Add a patio to the yard and turn it into an outdoor wonder. No matter what weather is going on outside, you’ll always have that comforting feeling of home in your backyard with family or friends around.

Timber decks are a great way to expand your backyard with an inviting outdoor space. Whether you’re looking for something rustic or elegant, we have the right material kit and expertise in deck design that will make it happen!


We build carports and garages that are well-suited for Mackay, Queensland.

When you’re in need of a shed , Carports Mackay is the place to go. Our team specializes in designing and constructing quality sheds for our customers. We have over 20 years worth of experience working with Australian steel which ensures that your new building will last!


As we in North Queensland know, our part of Australia, especially near the beach, can be prone to violent storms and cyclones at certain times of the year. That’s why Carports Mackay takes special care in designing their sheds with site-specific engineering so that they will remain resilient even when winds are raging through your property!

Your final carport will have all the factors designed into it that you need to know, like topography and terrain. These are included in your design so you can be confident that even if a storm comes through or strong winds blow by, your steel building is made for resisting them with its unique features!


Carport Mackay is a family-owned business that specialises in manufacturing quality Australian made products for their loyal customers across the country. Since 2006, they have grown from humble beginnings into a nationally recognised company with international aspirations. Their success has been shaped by our owners who are proud to provide an excellent product that supports local jobs and opportunities as well as providing shade solutions for all Australians nationwide.


Mackay Carports is so versatile that it can be installed onto bare earth or concrete. You do not need a slab of either material to put up this shed kit, as the ground anchors and base rail allow for easy installation on any surface type! We also offer piers (for those looking for more permanence), saddles (to keep your flooring level) and dynabolt anchoring options in order to give you even more freedom when deciding where to install our product- we will customize each one just how you want it!


What makes Mackay Carports unique

a photo of the home designed by Mackay Carports

Bespoke Carport Designs

Our in-house designers can create innovative and unique carport designs and garages that are based on your individualized structural specifications. These structures will meld the perfect balance between form and function, allowing you to have a beautiful exterior!

a Mackay Carports worker looking at the blueprint of the decking project of a house

Trained & Licensed Builders

Our builders are the best of the best. They uphold high standards in professionalism and quality, which allows them to provide cost-effective solutions without compromising on workmanship. The result is that you get a better product for less money!

a couple looking at their pergola being built by Mackay Carports

100% Customer Satisfaction

We work hard to make sure our clients have a smooth experience with us. Excellent customer service is always priority number one around here, and we're committed to making it easy for you by speaking plainly about what's going on every step of the way.

Best Carport Builders in and around Mackay

We are the best Carport Builders in Mackay. Our Reputation Speaks for itself.

Sometimes, people may overlook the significance of enhancing their outdoor spaces. However, it may be best to consider the great potential of upscaling not only your interior areas but also your exterior spaces.

Just like us people who need a house where we can safely stay, your cars or lawn equipment also require a shelter for it to be protected appropriately. When you are scouring for an efficient carport, at Mackay Carports, we ensure that we can supply you with top-notch structures in the industry. With the various customization options we offer, we can cater to your distinctive requirements for your property.

Our custom carports and garages are steadily becoming a favoured solution for Mackay residents searching for extra storage for their equipment and shelter for their vehicles. Vehicles are one of the valuable investments you can have. It is an asset you acquired through your hard-earned money, and leaving it unprotected on the street is a risk you may not want to take. If you want to avoid this situation, having a well-built carport may be one of your best options. Besides its main purpose of serving as a safe shelter to your automobile, here are why a carport can be a great investment for you:

Carports Mackay is Queenland’s most trusted pergola designer and builder for over a decade

Want to beat the heat and install a pergola in your property in Mackay? Our reliable and local experts can do the job for you. With our years of expertise in designing backyards and gardens, we assure you that our tailor-made pergola styles and colours will bring an added aesthetic view to your exterior areas.

At Carports Mackay, we are a team that aims to aid the residents of Mackay to have attractive and functional spaces for their properties. Whether it is for residential or commercial use, we design and build stunning pergolas that will stay durable for the years to come.

Are you all set to start your pergola installation project? Contact us and gain a free quote! For additional information, discover the advantages brought by pergolas below:

Our pergolas are well-design, well-built, and budget-friendly.

Our builders are professionals in Patio installations with over 25 years of combined patio building experience

Our team can create the patios of your dreams

Wishing for a cozy outdoor living space for your property in Mackay? Let our expert team start the project and turn your wish into reality. At Mackay Carports, we have designed and built patios across the city for many years. Whether you need a simple shaded space or an elaborately designed patio that is connected to your garden, we ensure that we always got your back.

At Carports Mackay, we are aware that not all homeowners have a fixed plan and design for their patios. That is why we have a dependable and proficient team to handle it for you. We can work on your unique needs and preferences to make sure that you will get the patio you look forward to. We can procure a myriad of material kits and style selections for your patios to let you select what will impeccably blend and highlight your existing spaces.

Let us renovate your open space into a stylish and functional area to rediscover how you enjoy your outdoor spaces. Can a bespoke patio benefit you and your property? Absolutely! Here’s how:

Transform Your Homes with a beautifully designed and structurally sound decking

Looking for a way to unwind without having to travel far? Maximize your outdoor spaces and have a relaxing space where you can clear your mind and appreciate nature in the solace of your own home. Having a deck built in your property might be the outdoor living solution for you!

Deck installation may be one of the most excellent alternatives to enhance your residential or commercial property’s appeal and ensure a return of investment if ever you plan to sell it in the future. At Mackay Carports, our decks are custom designed and structured to meet each of our client’s distinctive requirements and preferences. Whether you require a simple space for your cookouts or perhaps a multi-level deck that extends across your entire property, we are the dependable team to you.

Our team has gained extensive knowledge and expertise in building decks in Mackay for many years, so our customers trust us to deliver their ideal outdoor living solution on time and within their budget. When you choose Carports Mackay to design and handle your deck project, you are not just getting a trusted deck builder. You will also get a partner whose goal is to exceed your specifications and expectations for your decks. Before we start building, check out the benefits you can achieve with our premium decks:

our decks are beautiful, cost-effective, and long-lasting!

Our Approach

Professional Carport Solutions in Mackay

Quality Services and Results Guaranteed

We greatly value each of our customers in Mackay! At Mackay Carports, we work hard to ensure that we always offer unparalleled outputs and services to our competitors. When you choose our dependable and skilled team, you are not only investing in an excellent outdoor living solution but also getting hold of convenience and peace of mind. You can take a look at the reviews and testimonials of our previous clients to see how we handle every unique project in town. If you have additional queries about the project you have in mind, our staff is always ready to answer and guide you in every step. Want more details on how we can assist you with your carport, patio, deck, or pergola? Accomplish the form below so you can schedule a consultation and get a quote free of charge.

Tailor-made Designs

Scouring for a firm where you can get solutions for all your outdoor living requirements? We got you! At Mackay Carport, we are your one-stop-shop that can handle simple to large-scale projects concerning carports, garages, sheds, pergolas, decks, and patios. From dimensions, configurations, styles, and functionalities, you will have the liberty to pinpoint what you think is best suited for the project you plan to have. We can also assist you in the selection by suggesting a myriad of alternatives to make sure that you can weigh things out. With our team’s varied experience in providing solutions to these various niches, we assure you that we can help you acquire the results you need and prefer.

Licensed and Local Service Provider

Achieve your dream outdoor living space without the hassle, and hire a licensed and local service provider who can rightfully handle the project for you. At Carports Mackay, we are a trusted firm that employs licensed and proficient workers so our customers can avail themselves of stress-free and efficient services. We make sure to acquire all the essential insurance and license to keep our workers and customers safe and secured. Our responsive and dependable team is always reachable through the contact information we have provided to ensure that we can answer all your questions. Schedule an appointment as soon as you can, and feel free to ask us anything about the project you plan to work on.


Frequently Asked Questions

A carport, unlike garages, is a parking space that has four open sides. It protects your vehicle from the elements. Depending on your specifications, it can either stand on its own or attach to another property. A carport is a great outdoor addition that can provide protection and shelter from the elements. Depending on your specifications, it either stands or gets attached to properties. It’s essentially like having an additional parking space with roof walls for cars!

Some of the leading material choices for carports and garages are steel, aluminium, oak, polycarbonate, and fabric. However, if you require or prefer a different material, reach out to our customer support, we may be able to get it for you.

Our sheds are built to order, designed specifically for you and your home. Customizing the size of the sheds ensures that it fits seamlessly into any space in your yard or property. No other company can provide a solution as tailored as we do with one-of-a-kind sheds designs made by hand at no extra cost!

The council has strict requirements on the size of the sheds. If you are building a larger one, then it is up for debate whether or not your neighbours will let that happen without fussing about zoning issues and other permits required by Mackay.

Yes, all buildings (even barns) require a building approval from the city prior to commencing any construction. For jobs where we are laying the foundation slab and doing complete construction, we take care of lodging your Building Application at City Hall and filing for Final Approval on our end before starting work because it saves you time in dealing with red-tape later when everything needs final sign-off by an inspector.

As experts in carport construction, we recommend that you build 2.4 meter high structures to ensure your vehicle will fit regardless of whether it is for business or personal use.

As experts in carport construction, we recommend that you build 2.4 meter high structures to ensure your vehicle will fit regardless of whether it is for business or personal use.

One of the best parts about having your own verandah is that you get to choose which building company does it for you. With all the options out there, like installation services and other offers, finding a good one can seem daunting! We have done some research so we could help in picking what’s right for our customers.

Definitely! Your choice is our priority. That is why at Mackay Carports, we highly encourage our clients to pick their choice from start to finish so they can have the carports and garages they need. Call us and get a free quote.